A New Path

March 19, 2016

Since the Ferguson City Council unanimously approved the consent agreement with the Department of Justice the City is clearly on a new path. With this agreement the City of Ferguson commits to providing and maintaining constitutional policing. This is the best decision this Council has made in my memory. It was a long time coming, […]


Black Votes Matter

March 4, 2016

If you smooth out the noise in the signal from the last two municipal elections in Ferguson, MO one fact stands out: voter participation rate variances by race. The difference is drastic. Black voter participation is around 25 percent. Voter participation by whites is at about 65 percent. There are approximately 4,000 registered voters in […]

End of August

It Ain’t As Easy As It Looks

February 17, 2016

I do not think you understand how personally I take this city council race. In fact, I know you do not.   When this began in the summer of 2014 I put things on hold to try to help Ferguson get to the bottom of its problems and fix them. I protested, all over the […]


The DoJ Vote: White Supremacy’s Last Stand in Ferguson

February 5, 2016

In 2014, African-Americans comprised 70 percent of the population of Ferguson, MO. Its school board was 80 percent White. The city council was 86 percent White, 6 of 7, including the mayor.   While most White people were treated like first class citizens, black folks were treated as suspect. There is a connection, and I […]


Just Lose, Baby

January 29, 2016

Steve Pellegrino is a St. Louis County resident and experienced professional photojournalist whose work has been featured in the Washington Post, the Economist, and other publications. He told me today that he “leans to the right, but doesn’t have a problem voting for a Democrat.” He has a mixed voting record in presidential elections, having […]


Anybody But Bob

January 22, 2016

Brian Fletcher died recently. He was the Ferguson Ward 2 city councilman who defeated me for the seat in April 2015. It was a three-year term.   I was a newcomer running against a two-time mayor of this city and chief cheerleader of a philanthropic organization called I ♡ Ferguson. I Love Ferguson received worldwide […]

Papa & Mom

Why I Run: A Reintroduction

January 11, 2016

When I heard about the standoff between the residents of Canfield Green Apartments and the assorted police departments in August, 2014 I did not immediately flash to an “us versus them” dichotomy in my mind. I felt a rush of concern for the people in that area. I empathized with the voices I was hearing […]

Renald & Me

A Different World

January 1, 2016

A year ago Ferguson was top of mind for many Americans in the wake of the longest protest against police treatment of African-Americans in decades. I had become firmly embedded within the local movement, and expressed an interest in translating some of our collective agency into institutional power on the local level.   I ran […]


Do Not Adjust Mirror; Things Really Are Farther Away

December 19, 2015

When I was about seven the St. Louis County Library Bookmobile visited my school. (Remember those?)That day they told us that in the year 2000 everyone would have a video phone. We were wowed, and since then I think how naïve I was, how I thought poverty and discrimination and inequality would be long gone […]

Lawns Of Forestwood

Forestwood: The Rock

December 11, 2015

The Forestwood neighborhood of Ferguson adjoins Old Ferguson East on the west side and abuts W. Florissant Avenue on the east. Forestwood is one of the few older neighborhoods that looks as if it was a planned community. Ferguson can be hilly in places. Forestwood was laid out in an especially flat area. The streets […]